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Can't wait for your newer stuff, hope that goes well!

Not sure what the exact issue was with exporting but did you use Swivel? It converts swf's into mp4's and it's free! It's developed by Newgrounds and it's definitely the best converter for swf's to mp4's out there: https://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creator-resources/animation-resources/swivel-flash-to-video

For your first Flash cartoon, it's super cool! Hope you can do more with the program and get used to its quirks!
EDIT: Didn't even realize newer versions of Flash let you export natively? Anyways, if the media encoder is being a big piece of shit like that, just export the file as a swf (you can do this quickly using ctrl-enter) and plug it into Swivel from there. If you need help with audio sounding like crap in the swf or anything, just PM me!

momiji-matcha responds:

When I tried to export my file out of Animate via Media Encoder, the audio wouldn't export with it and it would export with a significantly reduced fps. I might just be sleep deprived, but I could not figure it out for the life of me, so I squash and stretched files to make it work. I'll look into Swivel tho, thank you!

Did this just actually happen to you irl or something? It's really weirdly specific. Either way, this cartoon could've used some audio or music. The silence is awful to sit through. Along with this, some text kind of just flashed on screen and there wasn't enough time for the viewer to read it (the character bios come to mind) This also felt more like a slideshow than a cartoon since nobody actually moves, and the visuals aren't really helped by the fact that there's no color in any of it either.

Manu369YT responds:

Ik man, I'm not very good at animating, but as the title says, it is a pilot, I know it is bad animated because of the sound, the walk anims and etc...
But thanks anyways for giving a comment to this animation, I'll remind those things for the first episode.

And btw, this didn't happened irl, this is just a fictional history for the animation.

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After jumping, your character starts to clip through the ground sometimes, try to improve that, please. Also, try to program in functionality for the items, I don't see why they're there to begin with if you can't even pick them up. Why's the down key make the webpage go down? Can you program it so that doesn't happen?

I have some suggestions:
Give some feedback as to whether or not I hit a note, half the time I couldn't tell what was going on because the line near the top of the screen just did nothing.
Make the level select a bit more readable too? It feels like everything is crammed together, and it doesn't help that the background of the previous level just stays there after finishing it which makes the level select even harder to read.
Also, try to make the level select easier to read in general, I don't see why the time signature is a necessary thing to put on the level select because it just takes up way too much space and it just looks like a jumble of text.
The tracks were pretty fucking sick though, I like the music choice.
Hope this wasn't too harsh, thanks!

knalli65HD responds:

I'm going to try to make it better

I think this is fun I just wish the sounds didn't overpower the music so badly, or that maybe there was some sort of volume mixer option in the game.

bokononyossarian responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

The music intentionally and gradually gets quieter the longer you grow, and a droning background noise gets louder. This was a stylistic choice

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Cool little tune!

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This is pretty cool, I like the angle this piece is at!

Hope you enjoy the website and post some cool shit!

Aw hell yeah! Seeing any Spirit Phone art on this site is always the coolest shit. Love the reds.


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