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GAMER TALK Anniversary!

Posted by ScarfaceOnVHS - June 22nd, 2021


GAMER TALK turned a year old today! Yesterday actually, but better late than never! This was one of my favorite cartoons to do because it led me to make my OC Twink Host, and it still holds up to my standards for what I do. What's his actual name? I don't know! Just call him Twink.

I also collaborated with @XTechnoMusic on the music for this one. That first track you hear? That was that dude's track "Trapped in my Bedroom" Listen to it, it fucking rules!

Fun fact, I only found that music because I looked at the scouted artist page on the audio portal and their track was one of the first ones on most recent. I literally messaged this dude at 1 am or some shit because I was in such a hurry to get some music for this thing!


This one is just called zoom3. It was made right before the final cartoon's release on 6/20/2020 at 6:34 PM. I think this could've been used for the ending where Twink gets closer and closer to the camera? There's no assets called zoom1 or zoom2 either.


This one is just called fly. It has 1 frame and it's just this really tiny dot. Probably meant for the scene where the poop first comes up?


One of the earliest pieces of art for Twink if not the first piece of art for him. It's called host_ref and he didn't even have the ear piercings yet. Made on 6/11/2020 at 11:14 PM


Originally Twink's voice lines were going to be me pitched up by about 2-3 tones and I am SO HAPPY I didn't go through with that because that shit sounded so obnoxious.

Speaking of audio, here's all the sfx, music, and voice lines (even some unused audio) from the cartoon! They're all .wav files because Flash is kind of weird with how it handles audio, but at least this means little to no compression!

Elon.zip (80MB)

Hope this was a fun read! I know this is a bit longer than my normal stuff but I love talking about unused things in my cartoons/how I make them to show you that ANYONE can make a cartoon! I made this on a shitty HP Notebook Laptop with a 1366x768 display, or somewhere along those llines. It also had the shittiest screen possible, which is why some colors might just look odd in the Flash, I think this literally looked more vivid on that old display. If things seem a bit crowded in certain shots, that's because they were!

This used to be my setup!


Flash used to take 30 seconds to a minute to fully start up, and that was on a GOOD DAY. Don't even get me started on how saving a big complex project with a ton of symbols and wavs would make Flash look like it was about to crash either.

I know NG compresses pics on newsposts a bit, especially if they're a bit big, so here's a zip with all of them in uncompressed quality too:

uncompressed.zip (580.2KB)

Thanks so much again for the support over the past year on this cartoon and just my stuff in general! It's super cool whenever I get a comment on any of my art pieces or cartoons!